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Basic Emergency Technology Preparedness Checklist

  • Invest in an extra power source for your cell phone. This can be a car charger, solar-powered charger or back-up battery. Keep the power source in your emergency kit.
  • Program an "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) contact into your cell phone. Choose a relative or someone who lives nearby and inform them that they are your emergency contact. If you are in an accident, emergency personnel can check your ICE listing to reach them.
  • Know how to send text message updates. After a disaster, it is often easier to send a text message than to make a voice call. Enable text messaging on your device so you can contact family and friends if the cell network is congested. However, remember that if you have an emergency you need to CALL 911.
  • Purchase a battery-powered or hand-cranked radio. Keep the radio and extra batteries in your emergency kit so you can get valuable information after a disaster. The City of Beverly Hills radio station is 1500 AM.

  • Store important documents on a secure flash drive to keep in your emergency kit. Save copies of important documents such as financial records, insurance, identification photos, pet records, and banking information onto a flash drive. Keep this flash drive in your emergency kit so it is readily available after a disaster.

  • Sign up for the City of Beverly Hills mass communication systems. To receive important emergency text message alerts, text BEVHILLS to 888777. To sign up for emergency phone alerts, visit the City of Beverly Hills website at www.beverlyhills.org/emergencynotification. City landline phones are already signed up, but you can add your mobile phone. Ensure the National Alert System is activated on your phone.

  •  Follow the City of Beverly Hills on social media. "Like" the City of Beverly Hills Facebook page and follow the Office of Emergency Management on Twitter at www.twitter.com/beverlyhillsoem. These pages can provide official updates after a disaster. Remember that you can also visit the City website or call the Disaster Hotline at (310) 550-4680 to get information after a disaster.
  • Take pictures or videotape of ALL your belongings in every room of your home. Store the pictures on your emergency flash drive and in an alternate location. These will be required should you need to make an insurance claim.
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